Friday Night Forrest Yoga Ceremony

Ever been to a Friday night Ceremony class? You so should.

Four Directions by candlelight.

Friday Night Ceremony begins with the 4 Directions, a Native American Ceremony to set the intent. During four directions we use words of power to conjure up a rich visual, sensory landscape behind the eyes, enabling you to vision quest deeper and deeper as you work with the class intent. This ceremony is non-religious but offers a profound visualisation that paves the way for some powerful shifts.
Whilst the room is held in ceremony, the individuals make pledges not to entertain any toxic or destructive thoughts or behaviours as we begin the process of unravelling old patterns. Whilst the format of the class can change every week we either do a little process work (journalling, meditation or vision questing) or pranayama, a shorter asana practice and longer savasana. This class is suitable for all levels and is an excellent way to breathe deeply and wash away the week.
Friday’s at 7.00pm
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