Unlocking the Shoulders Sunday 8th March 1.00pm

The shoulders hold a huge amount of tension. This area of the body is designed to hold the head up and assist in the movement of the arms and when alignment suffers (perhaps from sitting at a desk or other modern day scenarios) these muscles bind like straps to hold the body upright.
Shoulder Girdle
This session will use Forrest Yoga Asana and Bodywork techniques to being to free up the areas around the shoulders, neck, shoulder blades and underarms to create more freedom of movement in the upper body as well as establish tools for working with these primary structural muscles. Using Finlay’s years of practice as a Yoga teacher and Bodyworker, you will learn techniques to persuade the shoulders to  open and be guided to explore the resistance in this area.
Unlocking the Shoulders is suitable for all levels and abilities, arrive a little early for the workshop to let Finlay know about any injuries or issues you have, remembering to bring water and a towel. Book Now.
Students from the last workshop were amazed at how their shoulders and necks felt after the sessions. From desk workers, bodybuilders to hair stylists, we can work with your shoulders in a new way to help create space and free up that stress. Combine it with a Bodywork appointment with Finlay.

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