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As you will probably have noticed, it’s been a bit quiet around here with Finlay being away. Finlay was assisting Ana Forrest in Sydney directly after teaching at the Yoga Games Conference in Sweden and has been assisting there the whole month. We were keeping track of all of his movements on Instagram while he was away. If you haven’t checked that out yet then click here:

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Finlay and Ana at Stanwell Park NSW


What was the schedule like?

From my second day there, and still very jet lagged, myself and the three others of the assisting team met up to go through the schedule. It consisted of 27 days of 2.45am starts and 3 days in the middle with an extra hour of sleep. We ended up leaving the studio that hosted the training at about 5.30/6.00pm each night. This meant that we went to eat and then went straight to sleep!”

What was it like working with Ana Forrest?

I loved it and I love her. From the first day she held the practice in a way that made me feel very safe after tweaking my back at someone else’s class and then traveling across the world. We play hard when we are together and with the presence of the Forrest Guardian Sinhee we really let loose. The morning practices were so hot that we got to go into some really deep an amazing places. Even though we were all practicing, Ana would offer some advice or encouragement and this usually led to a breakthrough. Together we explored some things that neither of us had done for ages or ever! That was so exhilarating!
There were also a couple of occasions where I had to take over teaching the morning intensive while Ana did some deeper work with some others, so it was great to step in and manage in that way. As always, she gave great feedback for me as a teacher and with where I am on my journey just now.

I was also fortunate to teach some sessions before I left Sydney that Ana attended. She gave me some great feedback and encouragement about my teaching and how to develop that further to become a great teacher and to make the best use of my skills and talents.”

Did you see much of Sydney?

“Kind of… On the first few days we saw the studio before the course got underway. It wasn’t until a slight dip in the schedule when the trainees were learning anatomy that we got some more time. I decided to go visit Bondi beach. As soon as I got there, a torrential rainstorm started and it felt like home! I went along the following day with one of the other assistants and it was so sunny and beautiful!


Once the training was over, Ana and her partner Jose took me to see some things via roadtrip. I was able to spend time with some of the native critters, see some amazing scenery, walk along the coast and spend time in contemplation at the water side. Next time we have decided to go see some more and venture farther. I also went with some of the assistants to the Opera House for Light Night, which was an amazing light show on the buildings there.”

What have you learned from your time there?

So much. I have learned that I have to be vulnerable to do the work that I do rather than shielding and trying to be perfect. The vulnerability adds to my existence, it doesn’t remove anything. At the end of the course, during a talking circle, numerous trainees mentioned about how my being vulnerable in a process near the start of the training, gave them the courage to explore the same aspects of themselves. It broke my heart open to hear them say that, to hear that what the heard became a treasure for them.”



Not only did Finlay teach Forrest Yoga to Ana Forrest herself, he also did an interview and photoshoot with Glomad while he was there! They were fascinated to hear about everything he is doing here in Dundee, so we might see more people dropping in to see what we do here at HS! You can find the article online here:


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