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At Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks, we see so many yogis of all ages come in with amazing stories, ailments that cause all kinds of distress and display amazing breakthroughs every week. We want to compile a storybook of yogi testimonials, but more than that, we want the stories. They are moving. They are powerful. They are inspiring! YOU! (Do you need to read that again?) YOUR story is inspiring.

It’s simple:

-Write out your story in about 200-500 words about how Yoga at Heart Space has helped you, helped you grow or work with an ailment/injury

You can include a picture if you want!

-Put your name on it and email it to and put MY STORY in the subject box.


On June 28th we close the competition but would still love your stories! Any postings we do with the stories will be made anonymous.


Sharing your story and wins is a huge part of truth speaking and walking in beauty. We take the good with the bad and celebrate how we kept going through it. Use this as an exercise to break through old patterns of hiding and not-sharing.

If you are already an member and win, we will deduct the next fee from your DD

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