Pregnancy is a very special time for any expectant mother, it is a sacred ceremony in which the mother goes through a significant transformation and will never be the same again. The mother archetype grows strong and she passes through the gates of initiation into a new and phenomenal dimension of womanhood.  At Heart Space, we see it as one of our roles to help the mother get started thinking about how to ready herself for the nine month ceremony and her life beyond. This is a very magical time. The mother is making a life from her own blood and bones, creating a unique masterpiece.

It can be hard as boundaries change, dizzyness and nausea come and go. We encourage our mothers-to-be to get fascinated with all the changes by feeling each day, using a yoga practice to feel what is changing and feel the life of the being inside her. While a lot of pregnancy Yoga classes can be sedate and lax, we get our people fascinated with what they can do in their body, what feels good on a moment to moment basis as well as creating strong bones and muscles to aid in labour.


Talk to us about what is going on each day when Pregnant. If some poses don’t feel good, we can suggest other poses that can help.

Here is a  snippet from an article Ana Forrest wrote on Pregnancy Yoga:

“In addition to eating well, you must rest often and use deep breathing to build strong nerves, muscles, brain cells and bones for your baby. Feed your baby with deep breaths many times a day. Deep breathing can also help with nausea (but sometimes you just gotta throw up!)…In a Yoga class, side bends and rib and hip openers can be substituted in at any time that the class is doing something that a pregnant woman shouldn’t do. ”  Embodying the Goddess, Yoga for Pregnancy, By Ana Forrest

We run pregnancy classes every Wednesday at 6.00pm but also welcome attendance at any other class. Beginner and Open classes are the best to come to. (Yoga for Back Pain and Vinyasa use a lot of floor work and abs, which aren’t great during pregnancy).

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