A letter from the Volcanoes

Dear Heart Space Friends,


Our arrival in your beautiful city is only a few weeks away, and we are brimming with anticipation to meet all of you and share our magic. We are Rosie and Kit, the Volcano family. We come from many places but most recently we hail from the city of waterfalls and weirdos: Asheville, North Carolina. We moved to Asheville two years ago for a change of scenery from the blustery and boisterous bustling of Chicago. We were guided by spirit to open our own yoga studio; even though we had very little experience, that’s what we did! From the day we opened, we have shared our hearts and souls and Forrest Yoga with everyone who walked in our door.


We have introduced our students to the transformative power of yoga ceremony. We always try to make everyone comfortable, no matter their skill or experience level. We have endeavoured to create a community of friends who will last a lifetime. We encourage our students to express themselves in class in powerful and sometimes funny ways, to promote a sense of comfort and connection.


After almost 1.5 years of running a small business, we started having conversations about what we truly want in life. We are in our early 30’s, married for 3 years and we haven’t done much travelling together. Travelling has always been a huge priority for us, and it gets more difficult as you lay down roots by buying a house or having children. So we decided that before we do any more of those very adult-sounding things, we would travel as much as possible. Just days after we made that decision, Finlay called us and told us he needed us to come to Dundee and teach for him. Without a moment’s hesitation, we agreed and began packing.


Scotland is the land of both our ancestors, with so much rich history and deep magic. We can’t begin to express our excitement about living here with you fine folks for the upcoming months of 2016. We are delighted to get to know Finlay better and receive his yoga mentoring skills, and perhaps share some of our own skills with him. We are extremely open to all new experiences and we love making friends. We love to laugh, dress up in costumes, play our drums and flutes, read tarot cards, and go on adventures. We are bringing our favourite magical items with us to share with you along with our Forrest Yoga teaching.


Feel free to friend us on Facebook (Rosie Swartz-Volcano and Killian Fox W-Volcano) or send us messages with any questions you might have. We will be travelling through the U.S. and Europe until July 4th, so we may not have much time to write back, but we are very much looking forward to meeting you all!


Love + Magic

Rosie & Kit Volcano

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