Why Postnatal Yoga


Yoga has always been a sanctuary for me- a place for me to work through my body, to focus on me, to release and let go.

For me, after the birth of both of my children, I went through what could only be described as identity crises- where I strove to find my new identity as a mother while also grieving the lost identity of someone who’s carefree lifestyle seemed to have disappeared in an instant.

When I had days that I thought I simply couldn’t cope with the responsibility I had Yoga to ground me and make me feel strong again. When I had days when I was overcome with guilt about how I could have handled a situation better- I had Yoga to help me let that go. When I had days when I simply felt that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, I had Yoga to help me lock into my intuition and trust my feminine power.  When I had days when I cried at tv adverts, at a wrong word someone said to me, and a wrong thought I had in my head, I had Yoga to help balance me.

When I had days that I felt I was on top of my game, I had Yoga to acknowledge my gratitude with. When I had, and still have days that my heart is so full with love it feels like its going to burst- I have Yoga to help me celebrate the beauty of these moments and to cherish the gift of pure divine love.

I don’t know how I would have gotten through those Postnatal days, and even some days now without having Yoga.

Yoga is my coping mechanism for life!

I am such a firm believer that ‘You Cannot pour from an empty Cup’. That’s why I believe that Yoga is such an important tool for any new parent, but especially new mums.

With so much time and focus dedicated to your baby’s needs, this class will give you the time, space and permission to focus purely on you. We spend so much time in pregnancy cultivating good habits of self-care and preparing for the birth of the baby that we often forget the new mother.

No matter if it’s your first or fourth child, each birth itself births a new woman.

We will work through strengthening and toning sequences, but also focus on areas that become tired and misaligned from the role of mothering. We will explore meditation and pranayama practices to help give you tools to tackle the day to day challenge and we will marry this with the use of intention to focus the mind and equip the body for proper healing. And we will, of course, focus on the all-important pelvic floor!!

This class will be suitable for anyone 6 weeks postpartum vaginal birth, 12 weeks C section. It is advised that you have checked with your health visitor that you do not have diastasis recti before coming to class. You do not need to have a regular yoga practice prior this class, we will work to accommodate all levels of practitioner.

Treat yourself as a priority…..

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