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This is the best place to start as we introduce the Forrest Yoga basic moves and take you through intelligent sequences for all levels.

This class uses intelligent sequences to lengthen and strengthen the body to achieve effortless alignment and better posture. The poses develop strength, breath awareness, and integrity to cultivate a connection to spirit.

Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga matches breath to movement to encourage the development of strength, flexibility, and control using traditional Yoga poses, dynamic movement and specially created sequences.

This is like power Yoga, with the addition of hand weights and cardio bursts but with a bit less heat. This will increase strength and help sculpt the whole body. Get ready to work!
Restorative + Nidra
This class uses restorative Yoga poses, breathing techniques to prepare for a guided meditation laying down.
Hot Power
This is heated strong flow class focussing more on core and upper body work. The added heat will help raise your heart-rate, increase stamina, flexibility and strength.
Aerial Yoga
With the weight of the body supported in a soft hammock at waist level, Aerial Yoga helps for deeper stretches and greater flexibility whilst building core strength – with ease, and because it’s so playful it leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed.
Kids Yoga + Family Yoga

A 45 minute session that gets kids moving, teaches them relaxation techniques and introduces a foundation to Yoga poses. Children from age 5 to 11 years are welcome to Kids Yoga. Come along to Family Yoga and enjoy a class for 2-11 where the parents can join in and enjoy games, songs and yoga poses for everyone!

Yoga for Men

Many sports professionals and athletes include yoga as part of their training,  to improve general fitness, overall strength, and flexibility. This class will help you find that focus in an all-male class.

Myofascial Release
Use various tools like tennis balls, straps, and blocks we will gradually unwind the tension held in some of the tightest areas of the body.
Yoga for Back Pain

Uses Forrest Yoga therapeutic moves to strengthen the core, release the back and hip and free up the shoulders. All trouble areas are worked in this class which is suitable for all levels.

Yin / Yang

This class is a combination of two yoga styles. Yin being more passive and longer held poses and Yang being more fluid heat building practice. This class will also focus on breathing exercises and guided meditation.

Pregnancy Yoga

This class uses specific Forrest Yoga moves to develop strength, working on useful breathing techniques and fostering a nourishing exchange between mother and baby.

Parent and Baby Yoga

This is a playful session, using gentle baby yoga techniques to support development.  Includes gentle Yoga postures for parents and carers to relieve and revive. 

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