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Introduces the Forrest Yoga basic moves and takes you through intelligent sequences for all levels.This is a great class to develop strength, confidence and knowledge and to build from a 60 minute class towards attending the longer 90 minute Forrest Yoga classes.

Beginner Yoga is suitable for pregnancy from 14 weeks, please advise your teacher when you arrive.


Uses intelligent sequences to lengthen and strengthen the body to achieve effortless alignment and better posture. The poses develop strength, breath awareness, and integrity to cultivate a connection to spirit.

Teachers use their sound theoretical knowledge to modify and suggest alternatives so that no matter what level you are, there is something for you to do. We recommend you attend a few Beginners sessions to pick up the basic moves.

Suitable for pregnancy from 14 weeks, please advise you teacher when you arrive.

Vinyasa Yoga

Combines strength and conditioning work with flowing movement sequences. This style synthesizes a lot of traditional poses along with poses not taught in Forrest Yoga.

This dynamic work can build to a strong intensity, so it can be good to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals from a beginner (Forrest) yoga class.

Aerial Yoga
With the weight of the body supported in a soft hammock at waist level, Aerial Yoga helps for deeper stretches and greater flexibility whilst building core strength – with ease, and because it’s so playful it leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

We are limited to 18 places, one person per hammock, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Kids Yoga

A 45 minute session that gets kids moving, teaches them relaxation techniques and introduces a foundation to Yoga poses. Children from age 5 to 11 years are welcome and all Yoga mats are provided.

This is a fun class and parents can watch or join in the class or leave their kids to collect them at the end of class. When booking please let us know by email of any additional needs your child may have.

Yoga for Back Pain

Uses Forrest Yoga therapeutic moves to strengthen the core, release the back and hip and free up the shoulders. All trouble areas are worked in this class which is suitable for all levels.

This class consists of a significant amount of floor based work therefore students with mobility issues will benefit from this class and are most welcome.

Pregnancy Yoga

Specific Forrest Yoga moves to develop strength, working on useful breathing techniques and fostering a nourishing exchange between mother and baby. Classes focus on building strength in the legs and opening in the hips all to help progress in labour.

Parent and Baby Yoga

Uses gentle Yoga postures for the parent that includes ways to interact with the baby. Through song, touch and Yoga, this class helps to cultivate the bond between parent and baby. Grandparents are welcome too!

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