Better Value Than Ever

Unlimited Membership is where it is at, even if you come twice a week! Do the math! If you come along to two (rather awesome) Beginners classes a week, you could save yourself £16/month and almost £200 a year on Yoga. That is not to be sneezed at! If you attend the Open/Vinyasa sessions twice […]

Exciting Updates

Coming this July   We have updated our timetable from July, bringing you more Yoga, great options and even better value for your membership! Combine that with our loyalty scheme with Perkville and you can get some sweet treats! Here’s a quick run down of what is new: -Morning classes for you pre-work folks at 6.30-7.30 […]

Loyalty Perks

Heart Space are keen to support loyal customers and as such we’ve teamed up with Perkville to offer special perks to customers that refer a friend, attend classes or post to Facebook and Twitter about their experience! Redeeming Perks The following are redeemable perks that you can spend your hard earned points on. The more […]