Daria Wall


Daria began exploring the world of yoga in 2008, initially practising Vinyasa Yoga. She quickly became fascinated by Forrest Yoga and travelled across the world to train with Ana Forrest and completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in Hong Kong.

Students often say that her appetite for yoga is infectious. Daria strongly believes in working without struggle, feeling free and taping into our own ecstatic spectrum. Daily practice, using Forrest Yoga poses and sequences, strengthened her own injured spine, and it was that injury that started Daria’s fascination with the human body and its biomechanics.

Daria is trained in full body massage, myofascial release, Thai massage and Chinese medicine. She has also studied with a Forrest Yoga guardian Brian Campbell and an international yoga teacher, author, acupuncturist and health & wellness specialist, Tiffany Cruikshank.

Daria is continuing her journey with Forrest Yoga by completing the mentorship with the Forrest Yoga Guardian, Sandra Heider. Excitingly, recently Daria was a volunteer at the Elephant Conservation Rescue Centre near Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, and had a privilege to care for these remarkable creatures but also teach yoga for the visitors of the Centre. In January 2015 she is going back to Thailand to complete a Professional Thai Massage 150 Hour training at the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai.

I am passionate about teaching and working with people and therefore I aim to create a safe environment for a mixture of bodywork or playful but challenging and dynamic classes that may require students to step out of their comfort zone in order to go deeper in their own body and enjoy the journey they are on.

Daria Wall
 To me anxiety is like a nasty shapeshifter that sits in most of us, if not all of us. Sometimes it wears a pretty masque and is hard to notice until it surfaces and sometimes it manifests itself right away by lack of appetite, weak hair and nails even rash. Yes, sash. Skin reactions to anxiety are less common, but not at all rare. Stress can wreak havoc on your physical and emotional health. Emotions are integral part of our body, not just locked in our mind but they spread all over the body and sometimes stay there for years until we are ready to surrender and let go. Those last weeks have been particularly stressful with decisions I wasn't comfortable with and in result my forearms are marked with signs of anxiety. Over the years yoga has taught me to watch and to take notes. I have been suffering and fighting anxiety most of my life with better or worse results. Many of us think and hope that we can just wave a magic yogic wand and balance the troubled mind, that as yoga teachers we should float on cloud 9 perfectly relaxed and stress free. What I know for sure is that no one can flick a magic wand and that anxiety affects all of us, more or less but no one is completely anxiety free. One thing that I found helpful and never neglected is to sit, breath and watch. Sometimes I don't even do yoga, or I simply am too tired to even think about yoga. On those days I just sit, watch and allow the emotions to unfold. I observe them without judgement or the need to change them and see how the body naturally brings back the balance without my intervention. Simply sitting, watching and breathing is enough. #anxiety #breathe #watch #observe #balance #letgo #fear #selfcare #livestyle #liveyourlife #rash #meditation #mindfulness #yoga #yogagirl #yogaeverydamnday #ukyogis #lululemonedinburgh  When you least expect it the Universe just comes and hits you with a big (altho very pretty) sign that it's got your back and what you need... is to breathe! #balance #universehasyourback #breathe
 @siobhandiamond_photography always makes me look and feel so young, radiant and beautiful! Every time she takes a picture of me, I look at the wee picture on the camera screen and I see how fast the time is passing by. It's so easy to feel sad and anxious for the youth that is passing by but I look at the lines and think of all the experiences and adventures I have had, look at the glow she created and see all possibilities!✨ #love #photography #radian #youth #life #experience #selflove #selfcare #selfdepence #radiant #livestyle #liveyourlife  Happy International Yoga Day guys! Don't know how my life would look like without it ❤️ #yoga #yogagirl #yogamedicine #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #ukyogis #inspiredyogis #bancbend #cobra #intimidationcobra #ym500 #internationalyogaday
 On a Thursday we officially opened my new travel venture @wandertreats ✨  ✨ Wandertreat is a collection of unique yoga and wellbeing retreats, taking you and your mat to the most relaxing and rejuvenating surroundings. I've created this collection to allow you to truly unplug, rebalance your nervous system and find some ‘me time’. Please follow @wandertreats on IG or join us for one of the adventures!! ✨ #travel #travelgram #traveling #adventure #wanderlust #nourish #yogaholiday #retreat #selfcare #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #inspiredyogis #gateaway #vitD #ukyogis #LiveWithOutLimits #live #onlygoodvibes #ukyogis #fun #friendship  The foot is a complicated part of the body, made up of multiple bones (26!!!), muscles, tendons and soft tissues. Your feet have to bear the weight of your body when you stand and move, and to make constant balancing adjustments to allow you not to fall over as you do so. Human anatomy is fascinating! #anatomy #anatomynerd #ym500 #yogagirl #yogamedicine #sportsmassage #sports #remedialmassage #ukyogis #inspiredyogis #manduka #love #excited #fascinating