Marc Hamilton

I started attending yoga classes to enhance my martial arts practice but I soon became hooked and very quickly yoga became my only passion. I have been practising the Ashtanga Primary Series since this time and love its never-ending depths. I also love the feeling of the breath that is linked closely to the movement that together gives so much focus.

I enjoy an intensive Asana practice every day, and although I started this later in life, I have never seen this as an obstacle. I studied and completed my teacher training course with the Classical Yoga School. As well as focusing on the Ashtanga Primary Series, this course focused on Pranayama, and it gave me a real sense of the history and tradition of yoga.

I have also been a student of Finlay for many years where I have learned so much. Here, I have developed a Forrest based Vinyasa practice, and I am also enjoying teaching this as well. I have a strong community spirit and enjoy the yoga community at Heart Space. I hope to continue to be a part of this and help it grow.