Marianna Buultjens


Marianna started practising yoga in 2002 in preparation for retirement. Little did she realise the exciting path on which yoga was about to lead her! She first trained as a Hatha Yoga teacher with Yoga Scotland and then followed her interest in teaching children by doing a Radiant Child Yoga course as well as training with Sonia Sumar in Yoga for the Special Child. When she discovered Forrest Yoga at Heart Space, Marianna knew this was the yoga for her! In 2014, along with 5 lovely friends from Heart Space, she completed the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training course in Peterborough, led by Ana Forrest.

Marianna now has the pleasure of teaching Mother and Baby yoga and Yoga for Toddlers at Heart Space. She is also teaching Beginner Level Forrest Yoga to her adult class in Brought Ferry. Many of the class members there have been doing yoga for over 30 years, but, like Marianna, believe in ‘life- long learning’! The class members have chosen to contribute financially to the Young Yogis Project which provides free yoga for children at Heart Space.