Patrick Clyde


I came to Forrest Yoga when searching for an antidote to my incredibly poor work-life balance and burn-out in the Corporate world. As a former dedicated gym goer, I relished the renewed connection to my body. I quickly realised that Forrest Yoga isn’t just about the physical. It’s so much more. I love the integrity of the practice, the strength of the poses, the mental discipline to actually feel what is happening in my body, and the connection to spirit. All of these things have infiltrated my daily life and enhanced it. And then there’s the breath. To learn to really open your lungs, to expand your ribs and breathe, is a gift. Breathing is fundamental to life. No kidding, right? But Forrest Yoga will teach you to drink in the air rather than just sipping at it. My Forrest Yoga practice has transformed my life and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to teach this inspirational yoga style, and to bring it to more and more people.